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My Collections are boho chic athleisure-wear, drawing inspiration from fusion dance & West Coast festival cultures. Perfect for the stage, the studio, or the street. Since my Deadhead days in my late teens, I’ve always been a hippie at heart. I still love walking barefoot on the sand in flowing silhouettes with the sound of […]


Reciprocity and a Way Forward as an Artist

As an artist that finds inspiration from the rich cultures of our global neighbors, I have been moved to dig deep and explore the question, “How do I do so in an ethical way?” For me the answer is in finding a channel for reciprocity, the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit. […]


Bone Broth

After hearing how nourishing bone broth is for your joints, bones, skin, hair, and gut health, I became curious enough about this ages-old tonic to attempt a try at making it myself. Nutritious Health-Booster Compiled from a combination of resources, which include a recipe adaptation from Nourishing Traditions, one from my friend Kyle’s Korean master […]