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Delicious Love

DELICIOUS LOVE Have you ever had something shift in you that that changes the way you see yourself and your future forever? I just have, and though what I’m about to share is deeply personal, I feel it’s too important to keep to myself. My beloved, who has also been my behind-the-scenes business partner for [...]


Keto Kups

Keto Kups: Phat Fueled Bombs What’s a Phat Bomb? A Phat Bomb is a delicious high fat – low carb snack that’s supremely healthy, great for a burst of energy and mental clarity. Eating healthy fats is highly important to lower inflammation in your body, so I supplement with Phat Bombs. KETO KUPS: Prep time [...]


Melo’s Muses: Sequoia Emmanuelle

EPISODE No. 2: Sequoia Emmanuelle Friendships have enriched my life like no other nourishment. The wide-eyed invitation to see another soul…to connect and express through conversation and co-creation is the stuff that gives my life color.  It seems the more I ‘show up’ to nurture these relationships, the more I get to enjoy a sense of [...]