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3 Mistakes - yoga Pants

The 3 Mistakes Women Make When Wearing Yoga Pants

SYNTHETIC MATERIAL Most yoga pants and ‘activewear’ are made of synthetic fabrics. These don’t let your body breathe, and consequently create an ideal breading ground for bacteria. For this reason, it is especially important that women avoid wearing synthetic fabric against their lady parts. The solution? Wear garments made of natural materials.

Maca Recipe


Easy, yummy, and strong~ just the way I like ‘em! 😉 Brew YERBA MATE tea, 2 cups Heat Almond Milk, 2 cups Mix in: COCOA Powder, 1 tablespoon MACA Powder,  1/2 teaspoon Dash CINNAMON Dash NUTMEG Dash of CAYENNE HONEY and/or VANILLA Stevia to taste Serves 2, with refills of course. MACA has a malty [...]


Melo’s Muses: Sequoia Emmanuelle

EPISODE No. 2: Sequoia Emmanuelle Friendships have enriched my life like no other nourishment. The wide-eyed invitation to see another soul…to connect and express through conversation and co-creation is the stuff that gives my life color.  It seems the more I ‘show up’ to nurture these relationships, the more I get to enjoy a sense of [...]