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A New Year The last week of December is a big one for me. Juggling between year-end inventory and holiday festivities, my own birthday included, can be quite a hand-full. By ‘taking inventory’ I not only mean it literally, but I also refer to it figuratively. As both Baby New Year and I come upon [...]


C.M.R.A. with Melodia

With love in the air I feel inspired to share with you my favorite self-care practice. Adapted from a technique I learned from compassionate communication coach Scott Catamas, I like to call it C.M.R.A., (a play on the word camera.) Not only is C.M.R.A. an acronym for the four-step process, it’s also a metaphor for [...]


Shabby Chic Selfie Shoot Les Trois

My passion is my play. A recent Hot Springs getaway turned into several different looks for a self-styled, shabby-chic, #selfie shoot. Here’s collection number three, featuring my NEW fave- the Auberon Mock Crop coupled with the Moto Shorts (which I always manage to find an excuse to wear). Can you blame a girl? xo Auberon Mock Crop [...]