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Dreams – Goals – Action!

The process of creating teaches me so much about myself. It shows me where my source-of-joy lives, and it exposes where my deepest insecurities hide. Yes, Creativity~ it’s the double-edged sword that I chose to dance with. As I spin between celebrating the completion of a successful collection and the fear of endeavoring another, I [...]


Melo’s Loyalty Program

Welcome to Melo’s Loyalty Program! Earn 10 Points for Every $1 You Spend on Spend or Save your Points to Earn Even Bigger Rewards SIGN UP by clicking the REWARDS PROGRAM* button at the bottom of the page when you next shop, create your account, & automatically earn 760 points! Melo’s Loyalty Program is [...]


Coconut Chocolate Fat Bombs

What’s a fat bomb, you ask…they’re delicious treats that are calorically dense with healthy fats. Subsequently that also means they are low in carbs and sugar. These treats are designed to satisfy your hunger and your taste buds without spiking your blood sugar. Think of them like energy balls, but instead of being made with [...]