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Magic Mushrooms

A Day of Mountain Mischief

I was married to a mischievous man, and I am naive by nature. It was in the early days of our marriage when we were living in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, that I found myself unwittingly caught up in one of my husband Raulʼs ploys. His plan was to convince me to venture out into my new [...]


Melo’s Muses: Sequoia Emmanuelle

EPISODE No. 2: Sequoia Emmanuelle Friendships have enriched my life like no other nourishment. The wide-eyed invitation to see another soul…to connect and express through conversation and co-creation is the stuff that gives my life color.  It seems the more I ‘show up’ to nurture these relationships, the more I get to enjoy a sense of [...]

Maca Recipe


Easy, yummy, and strong~ just the way I like ‘em! 😉 Brew YERBA MATE tea, 2 cups Heat Almond milk, 2 cups Mix in: COCOA powder, 1 tablespoon MACA powder,  1/2 teaspoon Dash CINNAMON Dash NUTMEG Dash of CAYENNE HONEY and/or VANILLA stevia to taste Serves 2, with refills of course. MACA has a malty [...]