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Gold Assuit Glamjamas

Sometimes you just gotta get dressed up and dance with yourself. While I must admit that I have rather enjoyed being a working-from-home bum, I also miss playing dress up. With comfort and glamor both competing for my attention, I though I’d restock my Faux Assuit wardrobe with some Golden Glamjamas. Total glam….feels like pajamas. […]



A-sassy-in /ə-sassy-n/ noun – A slayer of style and influence for reasons altogether sassy. 😈 Presenting the Mehndi Collection pictured in a winter wonderland setting.  This drop features hand-drawn art printed on eco-friendly bamboo and modal jersey fabrics. This photoshoot is inspired by the comic-book-style archetype, The Femme A-sassy-in. She’s as dangerous as she is […]


The Mehndi Collection

Having been born from a melting pot of diversity, I have always been moved by global arts; dance, adornment, traditions, and even cuisine. As a fashion designer, my wearable art has become a tapestry of all things I love; an ode to our global heritage. As a gesture of appreciation, I feel moved to spotlight […]