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Luxor Collection

I am thrilled to unveil my latest creation, the Luxor Collection! This exquisite collection draws inspiration from the mesmerizing allure of ancient Egypt and the symbolism woven into the very fabric of Assuit textiles. 🌊 Symbols of Water: As the source of life, water has always held a special place in Egyptian mythology. The Luxor […]


Runes Bamboo Fleece Collection

🌿 Introducing the Runes Bamboo Fleece Collection 🌿 I’m thrilled to share with you all my latest creation at Melodia Designs – the Runes Bamboo Fleece Collection. This collection is more than just a new addition to our range; it’s a heartfelt homage to the enchanting world of Old Norse bind runes. Each piece is […]

Thai-inspired Slaw header

Vibrant Thai-Inspired Slaw: A Wonderful Journey of Colors and Flavors

Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure? This Thai-inspired slaw recipe is here to ignite your taste buds.  With a burst of colors, a symphony of flavors, and a touch of creamy goodness, this recipe will transport you to a world where every bite’s an adventure. Ingredients: Salad: Dressing: Instructions: Unleash your inner […]