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More Delicious Love

More Delicious Love My partner & I just this week finished a 90-day relationship-intensive called ‘Delicious Love‘. We chose the course as an opportunity to deepen the connection we share, in part by gaining new tools to help us navigate our conflicts compassionately and thoughtfully. The course far exceeded our wildest expectations and has helped [...]


The Desire Map

A New Year The last week of December is a big one for me. Juggling between year-end inventory and holiday festivities, my own birthday included, can be quite a hand-full. By ‘taking inventory’ I not only mean it literally, but I also refer to it figuratively. As both Baby New Year and I come upon [...]


Shabby Chic Selfie Shoot Les Trois

My passion is my play. A recent Hot Springs getaway turned into several different looks for a self-styled, shabby-chic, #selfie shoot. Here’s collection number three, featuring my NEW fave- the Auberon Mock Crop coupled with the Moto Shorts (which I always manage to find an excuse to wear). Can you blame a girl? xo Auberon Mock Crop [...]