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A Few Fave Online Classes

Dance, yoga, movement- these are essential parts that breathe life into my day. Motion reminds me how grateful I am for this body and the physical experiences I am blessed to create with it. With all the time we spend indoors, at our desks, and in front of screens, here’s a list of some of […]


Desert Dreams

I like to dream of far off lands,Where palm trees meet the desert sands.Where Womben celebrate mysteries they holdand let their hips tell stories untold.Dripping in silver from head to toe,this is the place I entice you to go. I invite you to indulge in my latest collection, Desert Dreams. Inspired by folkloric textiles of Egyptian […]


the Henna Collection

Ephemeral inkRitual for transformationHenna plant magic I have always had a fascination with henna. As a teen, I dyed my hair auburn with it. As a dancer, I love how it adorns my hand movements. Wearing it makes me feel magical, exotic and empowered. I most recently wore it on my wedding day. Wearing it […]