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My Collections are boho chic athleisure-wear, drawing inspiration from fusion dance & West Coast festival cultures. Perfect for the stage, the studio, or the street.

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Inspired by the heavily metaled, antique Assuit shawls of the 1920’s Art Deco era, I proudly introduced to you my new original print “Heavy Metal.”

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LE Grunge Collection

Drumroll, please! I present to you the Limited Edition Grunge Collection; Rock n roll inspired silhouettes, hand-dyed into marbled jewel tones. Produced from super soft

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Zero Degrees Latitude

Meeting Tata

Tata was Raul’s mother, Melodia’s Ecuadorian grandmother, and the person I eventually learned would be my best friend and partner in crime while I was

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Dedication: The post “Offerings/Ofrendas” is dedicated to my daughter Melodia Mendoza-Medley in remembrance of her father Raul Alfredo Mendoza who passed away before father and

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by Deborah Medley Melodiaʼs father, Raul Mendoza, was a musician, a very good musician. He was a self- taught Latin percussionist who specialized in Latin

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CALDO DE PATA Dedicated to my daughter Melodia who always oversaw the lunch preparation in our house in Ecuador. Though she was too young to

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Soup on the Go!

SOUP ON THE GO! Reliable, Delicious, & Nutritious Soup for a Girl on the Go! Things you’ll need… Crock Pot Chicken Broth Bonafied Bone Broth

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Good Tempered Chocolate

♡ Good Tempered Chocolate ♡ Make your own box of Raw Bon Bons Chocolate: The Aztecs referred to cacao as “nourishment of the gods”. Chocolate contains the

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C.M.R.A. with Melodia

With love in the air, I feel inspired to share with you my favorite self-care practice. Adapted from a technique I learned from compassionate communication

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Blood Moon Sangria

Tonight offers a gorgeous full moon in the desert and I suddenly find myself with an unusual hankering for some fragrant, spiced sangria. I don’t

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Ketogenic Cookie Recipe

Keto Kookies

I grew up a product of the 80’s, an era when calorie-free and fat-free foods became confused as healthy. I have become savvy to the

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Happy Holidays

Raw Nog

Raw Nog easy as 1-2-3 Try this delicious, raw, and healthy version of our featured holiday Egg Nog “inspired’ drink. Ingredients 3 cups Raw Almonds,

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