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Smoky Quartz Grunge

After wrapping up 2022 in style with Zoe Jakes‘s workshop and her epic performance with Beats Antique at the Music Box on NYE, Iā€™m excited to welcome fabulous new beginnings. What better time to share our new drop which features the Star Tarot Card and Smoky Quartz Grunge than now?  When the Star card appears, […]


Spellbound Collection

My Spellbound Collection is embellished with magical hand-drawn imagery illustrated by local San Diego artist Gopi Henna. It features esoteric amulets designed to simultaneously empower and protect the wearer from inevitable wanton gazes. šŸ˜‰ Muse: Tracy Lynn Imagery: Blair Robb Makeup: Amanda Olah


Mystique Collection

One of my favorite aspects of being a clothing designer is collaborating with artists to create my exclusive prints. The Mystique print is a wonderful collaboration with Gopi Henna Artist. These intricate designs are embedded with empowering symbols to help you exude your most mystical self. Printed on delicious natural fibers that breathe and move […]