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Honey Bees

Bees Getting Busy

Stories for Melodia by Deborah Medley My brother-in-law Jaime walked into the cottage one sunny, warm afternoon carrying a large bowlful of honeycomb freshly excavated from our beehives at the back of the property. Bees were a new venture for Jaime, and none of us, not Raul, not I, and not even Jaime had any […]


Melo’s Loyalty Program

Welcome to Melo’s Loyalty Program! Earn 10 Points for Every $1 You Spend on Spend or Save your Points to Earn Even Bigger Rewards SIGN UP by clicking the REWARDS PROGRAM* button at the bottom of the page when you next shop, create your account, & automatically earn 760 points! Melo’s Loyalty Program is […]


Photoshoot with Sequoia Emmanuelle & Shrine

Opening Sequoia’s emails with photos from our recent shoot at Shrines temple-home is better than opening birthday presents. A photo is worth a thousand words; especially when all descriptions fall short in describing dueling whimsy and opulence. With magic as my muse, I am delighted to offer you a peek into this mysterious world where […]