I see Ecuador in Melodia. I’ve heard it said that art imitates life. I’ve also heard that life imitates art. Apparently, neither art nor life can exist one without the other.

Ecuadorian Childhood

I’m reassured of this thought when I look at my daughter Melodia and feast my eyes on the beauty of all that she creates. My one and only lovely offspring was born in Ecuador, or on the equator, where the sun rises and sets at the same time every day of the year. This was a constant, one of the few in our lives when we lived on the equator. How comforting to be grounded in this way, at the mercy of the natural world that reminds us that it is in control and we are here to appreciate it and attune ourselves to it.


On the other hand, the Ecuadorean night sky is a painting of the Milky Way, with the Southern Cross as its crowning jewel. This is the Natural World speaking to us, reminding us that we are spiritual beings as well as earthly beings. Ecuador is the substance of the beginnings of Melodia’s life, born Cristina Melodia Mendoza Medley. Raul Mendoza was her proud father and my husband.

He was a gifted musician; hence, the name Melodia, the name that our daughter most prefers. Born into an environment enriched with music and the untamed, unspoiled natural world of Ecuador, it’s no surprise that Melodia would grow to have a creative imagination.

cacao seeds

With this gift, she has devoted her energies to the production of aesthetic objects, most notably the fine fashion of Melodia Designs.

Melodia’s explorations into our world have led her on a path of artistry and design, of travel and spiritual discovery, and ultimately to living a lifestyle that includes these passions. I look at Melodia’s life, and in it, I see the wellspring of her artistic creations. When I put on a pair of Melodia Designs pants, I see I am wearing art. When I think of our lives in Ecuador, I see how place and experience have formed the artist in Melodia. On this note, I look forward to telling you more of the story in future blogs. Through story, we can paint pictures of who we are and offer insight into the many layers of humanity that connect us all.

Just for fun! A List of Some Everyday Moments with Melodia Growing Up in Ecuador:

  • Afternoon siestas in the hammock
  • Bathing in our outdoor shower
  • Enjoying ceviche and ice cold beer
  • Riding on the motorcycle with Raul and me
  • Making a kite from scratch and flying it on the beach
  • Dancing salsa to live music in our house
  • Dancing salsa to live music on the beach during lunar eclipse of the full moon
  • Eating papaya with our bare hands
  • Cracking crabs with a hammer to get at the juicy meat
  • Waiting patiently for the water tanker truck to bring water to our house
  • Drinking coconut milk from the fresh coconut

Until next time!


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  • Just lovely. When we were teenagers Melodia often shared stories about being little in Ecuador, but it never occurred to me that this part of her life had an impact on her passionate and sensitive approach to her creative endeavors. True, she has always been such an artist and so in touch with the natural world. A beautiful piece, Debbie! And of course, she has always been lucky to have a momma who looks upon her the way you do. ❤️


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