vegetarian : gluten free : low carb : low glycemic : kids of all ages love them

70 Calories per serving
10 minutes prep time

1 tbsp Honey
8 tbsp Coconut Manna
2 tbsp PB2 (dehydrated peanut butter powder)
Pinch of Himalayan Salt
Dash of Cinnamon
1 tbsp Cacao Nibs

  • First, warm up the coconut butter by placing the sealed jar in a pot of hot water.
  • Mix and reconstitute the butter until it melts to a soft and creamy consistency.
  • Stir coconut butter and honey in a mixing bowl until you get a creamy gooey batter.
  • Next, mix in all the dry powdered ingredients.
  • Add the cacao nibs last.
  • Use a ½ tbsp measuring spoon to scoop out half round servings onto a wax paper sheet.

This should make 16 servings.

Refrigerate to harden and set….serve chilled.

For a fun alternative try adding cocoa powder for a chocolatey version.

Coconut Manna

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