After hearing how nourishing bone broth is for your joints, bones, skin, hair, and gut health, I became curious enough about this ages-old tonic to attempt a try at making it myself.

Nutritious Health-Booster

Compiled from a combination of resources, which include a recipe adaptation from Nourishing Traditions, one from my friend Kyle’s Korean master teacher, and some of my own trial and error attempts, I feel confident in sharing my foolproof method with you.


My preparation begins with a trip to the local farmers’ market where I purchase beef bones direct from the local rancher. I choose bones that come from pasture raised cows, not only because the cows are humanely raised but because grass fed animals yield omega 3-rich meats from the grass they eat. I typically purchase 2 pounds of bone and one gelatin-producing knuckle to make 4 quarts of broth.

Home Cooking


The first step is to roast the bones on an oven tray at 400 degrees for 40 minutes. This process cooks off the excess fat while making the bones more porous, which helps the nutrients infuse into the broth. I also find roasting gives a lovely flavor to the bones which will influence the taste of your broth. If your bones were not precut by your butcher, the roasting process will also cause the bones to crack open, making it easier to get to the buttery and nutritious marrow inside. I highly recommend getting over any squeamishness you might have and give the marrow a try. I then use tongs to pick the bones up off of the pan and plop them into my soup kettle or crock pot, which has been filled with 4 quarts of cold water.

Add your veggies (carrots, onion, celery),  making sure to add ¼ cup apple cider vinegar to extract the marrow, minerals, and silica.  Add some fresh grated turmeric or ginger for extra ka-pow!

Bring the mixture to a full boil, then reduce. After 18-24 hours of slow simmering, skim off the top layer of fat, and remove the bones and overcooked veggies.

You will now have a nutrient-rich and savory broth to enjoy as a base for other recipes or by itself as a medicinal tonic.

More Bone Broth

For more fun reading about why bone broth is the bomb, check out this link from Underground Wellness.

For you visual learners check out this awesome video.

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