C.M.R.A. with Melodia

With love in the air, I feel inspired to share with you my favorite self-care practice. Adapted from a technique I learned from compassionate communication coach Scott Catamas, I like to call it C.M.R.A., (a play on the word camera.)
Not only is C.M.R.A. an acronym for the four-step process, it’s also a metaphor for how it takes a snapshot of your emotional world.
You can do this for yourself in meditation or share with a partner to create intimacy. The healing and connection come when we acknowledge our needs and respond with empathy. It goes something like this.
After taking a few grounding breathes I tune into my needs. I run through each prompt in my mind or verbally when sharing with a partner.
  • Celebrate needs met.
  • Mourn unmet needs.
  • Reassure how needs can be met.
  • Appreciation and gratitude for who has enriched our lives.
Please feel welcome to watch the video demonstration.

My favorite time to take an emotional photo with my C.M.R.A is in the morning after a grounding yoga practice. I also enjoy taking turns sharing with my sweetheart, especially when we are both craving understated and empathy.
It may take some practice before talking about your needs sounds natural but I promise it will become more comfortable the more you do it.
Society has conditioned us to have shame around even having needs so its no surprise if it feels shaky to address them. Learning to value your precious needs and those of your loved ones is a huge step towards more love.
I hope you give C.M.R.A. a try and feel the hug that this practice provides.

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