It’s easy for me to get sucked into my creative world; so much so that I sometimes inadvertently isolate myself. Lucky for me I have amazing girlfriends that invite me to come out of my creative cave to dance and play. Just last week Sofiah Thom asked me to participate in her FB live recording of her Temple Body Arts Day. It was awe inspiring to witness her effortless teachings, to move freely and with intention, and to play with other goddesses. There was true alchemy in the room. I also got to chat with her in a live interview… feel free to take a look inside and see what inspires me to design for women like you.

Ps. It’s not too late to sign up to receive all interviews and free Temple Body Arts insights.  Log onto for free access to your own personal 90-minute guided Temple Body Arts journey with Sofiah Thom. Membership also includes access to a FB 1000+ group consisting of a global sisterhood and interviews with 25 inspirational women, myself humbly included. You can also review the recorded ‘Live feeds’ of the event’s healing Shamanic journey. The magical, multi-modality event was comprised of guided movement meditation, creative writing, and drawing, which led us to create our own personal spoken-word affirmation and dance body mudra.


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