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the Henna Collection

Ephemeral inkRitual for transformationHenna plant magic I have always had a fascination with henna. As a teen, I dyed my hair auburn with it. As

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Desert Dreams

I like to dream of far off lands,Where palm trees meet the desert sands.Where Womben celebrate mysteries they holdand let their hips tell stories untold.Dripping

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Full Bloom: Anza Borrego III

It was a proud moment to see my designs come to life on our model, Jade, who is an incredible artist and dancer. Her movements and personality elevated my designs and created the multifaceted vibes I wanted.

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Zero Degrees Latitude


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Ketogenic Cookie Recipe

Keto Kookies

I grew up a product of the 80’s, an era when calorie-free and fat-free foods became confused as healthy. I have become savvy to the

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Sweet Potato Pie

Healthy Dessert I’m not gonna lie… I LOVE PIE. BUT… Life is too short to feel guilt from what one eats, so I love to

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Happy Holidays

Raw Nog

Raw Nog easy as 1-2-3 Try this delicious, raw, and healthy version of our featured holiday Egg Nog “inspired’ drink. Ingredients 3 cups Raw Almonds,

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