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Diamonds & Deco

As a fashion designer, one of the most thrilling moments of my creative process is preparing for a new drop. It’s the culmination of a

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Smoky Quartz Grunge

After wrapping up 2022 in style with Zoe Jakes‘s workshop and her epic performance with Beats Antique at the Music Box on NYE, I’m excited

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Spellbound Collection

My Spellbound Collection is embellished with magical hand-drawn imagery illustrated by local San Diego artist Gopi Henna. It features esoteric amulets designed to simultaneously empower and protect

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Mystique Collection

The Mystique Collection As a clothing designer, one of the aspects I enjoy the most is collaborating with other artists to create my exclusive prints.

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Zero Degrees Latitude

Ecuador River Wash


Itʼs a gloriously sunny Vilcabamba day in the middle of a long and rainy Spring, perfect for making the trek by horseback down the mountain

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Honey Bees


Stories for Melodia by Deborah Medley My brother-in-law Jaime walked into the cottage one sunny, warm afternoon carrying a large bowlful of honeycomb freshly excavated

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An Oven and an Onion Poultice by Deborah Medley for my daughter Melodia Our little farm kitchen in Vilcabamba had one modern appliance, a two-burner

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Blood Moon Sangria

Tonight offers a gorgeous full moon in the desert and I suddenly find myself with an unusual hankering for some fragrant, spiced sangria. I don’t

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Keto Kups

Keto Kups: Phat Fueled Bombs What’s a Phat Bomb? A Phat Bomb is a delicious high fat – low carb snack that’s supremely healthy, great

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Festive Potato Salad

During my festival season, I find it’s extra important to prepare healthy meals for myself that travel well and are quick to serve.  That way

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Ketogenic Cookie Recipe

Keto Kookies

I grew up a product of the 80’s, an era when calorie-free and fat-free foods became confused as healthy. I have become savvy to the

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Sweet Potato Pie

Healthy Dessert I’m not gonna lie… I LOVE PIE. BUT… Life is too short to feel guilt from what one eats, so I love to

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Happy Holidays

Raw Nog

Raw Nog easy as 1-2-3 Try this delicious, raw, and healthy version of our featured holiday Egg Nog “inspired’ drink. Ingredients 3 cups Raw Almonds,

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